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Ostarine was developed as a treatment for muscle wasting syndromes by improving strength and promoting muscle growth.

Qty: 30 tablets


Supplied for Research Purposes Only

This information and product is provided for research purposes only. We do not provide any advice on the usage of these products as UK Law prevents this. Customers should check the legality of this product in their own country prior to purchase.

Benefits and uses:

A significant drop in the fat ratio.

An increase in muscular mass.

Greater density of bone.

Increase in power and performance.

Quicker recovery in between workouts.


30mg to bulk (male), 15mg to cut (male)

What is MK-2688 (Ostatine)

Ostarine, which is also known by its research name MK-2866, is considered to be a member of the selective androgen receptor modulator class of drugs in the world of sports science. It is best to have as much information as possible about Ostarine before making the decision to purchase it, despite the fact that it is available for purchase in physical and online pharmacies. The purpose of this article is to provide you with extensive knowledge regarding this medication so that you can make an informed choice.

What caused the development of Ostarine?

Cachexia, also known as wasting syndrome, is a condition that frequently affects patients who are afflicted with conditions such as AIDS or cancer. It was originally designed to treat and further prevent such complications after they had already occurred. The fact that it is so efficient at rapidly increasing muscle mass, on the other hand, has contributed to its notoriety in the field of bodybuilding. In addition to this, it is known to improve testosterone levels and regulate the levels of body fat in the body.

Ostarine (MK-2866) Can Be Used To:

Ostarine can lead to a significant increase in one's percentage of lean body mass. Because of this, it is an excellent choice for people who are dealing with conditions such as cachexia or the muscle wasting syndrome, which can be caused by cancer or other autoimmune disorders.

Patients who are experiencing problems associated with sarcopenia and age-related muscle loss may find that taking Ostarine is of significant assistance in their recovery.

It has also demonstrated positive results for the treatment of inherited disorders characterised by a loss of muscle strength or function, which are more commonly referred to as muscular dystrophy.

It has also shown signs of improving symptoms of breast cancer, urinary incontinence, or loss of bladder control, despite the fact that there is less evidence to support these claims.

In spite of the fact that Viking Therapeutics is currently conducting research on Ostarine for the treatment of muscle wasting in cancer patients. Many bodybuilders take it in order to put on muscle mass, increase their fat loss speed, and increase their strength while they are on bulking or cutting cycles.

How does it work?

It is common knowledge that ostarine will attach itself to a protein in the body of the user that is known as an androgen receptor. After it has completed its self-binding process, it then further denotes these receptors so that the muscles can grow more quickly. The process of accentuating muscle growth is to alter the genes, which then further enhances protein synthesis, which complements muscle growth. This process is called gene editing.

Although other chemicals that attach to androgen receptors, like steroids, have the same effects on the body, people frequently choose ostarine over other options for one main reason: it does not show any side effects on other parts of the body, such as enlargement of the prostate. Steroids have the same effects on the body as ostarine.

What are the side effects of Ostarine?

Ostarine, like the vast majority of other drugs in its class, must be used in a cycle. During a bulking cycle of six weeks, it is possible to gain between three and seven pounds, and even more in some cases. Nevertheless, anyone who uses it should limit their cycles to between six and eight weeks, at the most. If you use Ostarine for longer than eight weeks, you may experience some of the negative side effects that are typical of steroid use.

Ostarine is also useful during the cutting phase of a workout. People typically have to adhere to strict diets during the cutting phase of their physique transformation, during which they primarily avoid their typical calorie intakes. In a circumstance such as that, ostarine might prove to be useful. During periods of calorie restriction, it is able to preserve both the strength and mass of the muscles in the body. The enhanced fat reduction that occurs while on cycle can be attributed to the nutrient partitioning effect, which has been observed by a number of users.

Because of both of these factors, this drug is an excellent choice for use in body enhancement cycles in which the primary objectives are to increase muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing overall body fat percentage. At the same time, this will make certain that the right quantities of nutrients are delivered to your body in order to achieve the same results. On the other hand, despite the fact that conventional foods are excellent sources of protein and provide you with comparable nutrients, you shouldn't completely cut them out of your diet.

When would be the optimal time to consume Ostarine?

Ostarine should be administered at intervals of 24 hours, which means that it can be administered nearly every day at any time. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from consuming Ostarine either during or immediately before your workout sessions. The best time to take it is either first thing in the morning or right after you finish your workout.

According to the majority of studies conducted, Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, can be administered at any time throughout the day. In order to keep consistent levels of this drug's blood concentration and plasma in the body, the timing of dosing is not nearly as important as long as it is done so daily at the same time.

According to the majority of research and studies that have been reviewed by medical professionals, ostarine has a half-life of 24 hours; therefore, taking it multiple times per day is not required. The optimal amount of dosing is just one dose at each time of day.


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