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Recovers testosterone levels in hypogonadal males.

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Supplied for Research Purposes Only

This information and product is provided for research purposes only. We do not provide any advice on the usage of these products as UK Law prevents this. Customers should check the legality of this product in their own country prior to purchase.

You probably have concerns regarding post cycle therapy if you're thinking about taking performance-enhancing substances (PCT). In this detailed guide, we provide you with all the information you want.

What is PCT? 

Post Cycle Therapy is referred to as PCT.  A PCT is a cycle of one or more medications or supplements that is typically administered for three to eight weeks. Its objectives are to lessen oestrogen and stop any estrogen-related negative effects, raise and restore natural testosterone levels, lessen side effects, and maximise any benefits gained during the cycle.

At what point should I begin post-cycle therapy?

We advise beginning a PCT treatment once the cycle is finished if you use any medications that inhibit your body's natural synthesis of testosterone. You can begin using prohormones and selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) as soon as you stop taking them. Wait a week before beginning PCT if using steroids. 

How long is PCT effective?

The PCT drug treatment typically lasts one to six weeks, beginning when the body is fully free of anabolic steroids. This, however, is based on unique conditions, such as the type of drugs used, their dosage, and how long they are used. Recall that if you regularly use steroids, you will require prescriptions to assist balance your hormone levels and should seek a doctor's advice.

This healing phase may be prolonged for additional weeks if necessary. It may take many weeks after the final injection before the body is devoid of synthetic testosterone because slow-release steroids naturally take longer to leave the body.

Which medications are used in PCT?

The medications you require to complete the post cycle therapy protocol can change depending on your unique situation. In some situations, over-the-counter medications like oestrogen blockers and testosterone boosters are available, but generally speaking, these are ineffective for steroid users. The following medicines, which need a prescription and are frequently used in post cycle therapy, cannot be recommended here.

To distinguish them from SARMs, PCT uses  selective oestrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), which control post-cycle oestrogen production and counteract its harmful effects on the body. The need for the regulation medications stems from the fact that oestrogen levels might soar after ceasing anabolics or sarms and lead to hormonal havoc.

The pituitary and hypothalamus oestrogen receptors are affected by the PCT compound. This aids in the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH) and luteinizing hormones (LH), both of which are essential for conception. In order to produce healthy sperm, a normal hormone balance is required.

To reduce cortisol levels, supplements like phosphatidylserine and acetyl-l-carnitine may also be utilised during the PCT. Catabolism may result from high post-cycle levels of this stress hormone. Consider the word "anabolic" to mean "building up," as in new tissues, intricate substances, and muscle mass. The contrary, catabolic, degrades complex biological substances and tissues that are essential for maintaining human health.

They combine to form metabolism. All of your hard work will be for nothing if you experience an unhealthy post-cycle catabolism that causes extra fat and muscle mass loss. More significantly, unregulated catabolism can result in overall ill health.

The importance of post cycle therapy for post cycle recovery should now be abundantly evident. It is not only a fantastic idea to restore endogenous testosterone to its normal peak levels. It is risky and not advised to cease using anabolic steroids without having a recognised PCT.

Should I Exercise During the PCT?

The body requires time to re-calibrate and reset itself to where it was before synthetic hormones were introduced, therefore overtraining should be avoided during this period. While it is sense to desire to maintain the muscle mass after the steroid cycle, PCT should also involve a small adjustment to your exercise regimen.

While you shouldn't fully stop exercising, you should think about reducing the number of reps, skipping the extra weight on routine exercises, or engaging in intense training. However, the intensity should still be sufficient to preserve muscle. During PCT, your training needs to slow down and find its level while your body is recovering. Finding the ideal balance is key; neither too little, nor too much.

What other factors should I keep in mind while on PCT?

Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that many of the unpleasant side effects you're experiencing are typical. The body requires time to recover and get back to normal. As always, nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery. Eat sensible, nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods, and drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. Again, the physician directing the PCT should be consulted in advance because any supplements have the potential to alter the body's hormonal balance.

What will happen if I don't complete a PCT and do I need one?

A PCT is required after MOST Sarms. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you require a PCT.

Athletes tapered the medicines up and down in the early years of bodybuilding because PCT drugs and supplements did not yet exist. However, don't use this as an excuse to abandon a PCT. 

Your oestrogen levels are likely to rise to high levels, much higher than normal, if you don't finish a PCT, while your testosterone levels rise considerably more slowly.

Problems with excessive estrogen:

Gynecomastia is a condition brought on by high oestrogen levels (man boobs).

Experiencing increased negative emotion. 

Fat gain.

Loss of muscle and water retention.

Having less testosterone can result in:


Muscle wasting.

Reduced sexual motivation.

Essentially, by choosing not to complete a PCT, you are actively working against everything you have been attempting to achieve and risking your health.

The only reason to avoid PCT would be cost: However, we would argue that a PCT offers exceptional value for money because, without one, you risk losing half of the money you paid on your cycle. Not to mention the emotional harm that comes with the aforementioned side effects, which is probably worth the price of a PCT on its own.

Never let a lack of a PCT be a result of poor planning. It is usually ideal to have your PCT prepared before the beginning of your cycle because you never know when someone might run out of stock or a product can be difficult to find. Additionally, since you already have the PCT, you don't need to worry about it if an emergency arises that prevents you from continuing your cycle.

I used SARMs; do I need a PCT?

Anything that naturally lowers your testosterone levels requires a PCT. The SARMs and whether a pct cycle is required for each are given below;

PCT for Ostarine?

A PCT shouldn't be necessary when ostarine or MK-2866 are used up to 20mg for 8 weeks. With higher dosages or longer cycle lengths, a PCT will probably be necessary.

PCT for LGD (Ligandrol)?

A PCT is necessary for LGD-4033 regardless of dosage or cycle length. Without PCT, testosterone levels returned to normal in clinical studies after 21 days. The study might have used a lesser dosage than you are thinking of, which would exacerbate the shutdown impact if combined with other products.

PCT for cardarine?

Cardarine, also known as GW-50156, does not affect testosterone levels, hence it is not officially a SARM and does not need a PCT.

PCT for YK-11?

YK-11 is a steroid, not a SARM, hence a PCT is required. 

PCT for MK-677?

MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue, not a SARM. Since it has no effect on testosterone levels, it does not call for a PCT.

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