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SR9009 (Stenabolic) is an experimental drug to be used in professional laboratories. Some bodybuilders and other athletes claim its consumption helps improve weight loss and lean muscle building.


Supplied for Research Purposes Only

This information and product is provided for research purposes only. We do not provide any advice on the usage of these products as UK Law prevents this. Customers should check the legality of this product in their own country prior to purchase.

Benefits and use:

Endurance and stamina.

Fat Loss. 

Increase Lean Muscle Mass. 


Inflammation reduction. 

Cholesterol reduction. 

Improved sleep quality.


30mg (15mg x twice) per day

There isn't a lot of information on Stenabolic's exact capabilities because it hasn't been studied on humans, but studies on lab mice have revealed some gains in crucial areas including exercise capacity and the ability to use fat stores as energy more effectively. Additionally, stenabolic may offer some significant advantages for restorative purposes.

Another substance that is frequently mistaken for a SARM but isn't one as all is stenabolic. For those of you without a chemical degree, the main focus is in what SR9009 can accomplish for your performance and outcomes, even though it is known as an agonist of Rev-ErbA in scientific jargon.

Initial lab tests demonstrated the effectiveness of SR9009 in boosting exercise capacity. The circadian rhythm of mice was also found to be altered by stenabolic, but because this was an experimental study with unknown effects in humans, it is still unclear how stenabolic will affect the human circadian rhythm, either favourably or unfavourably.

Bodybuilders and other athletes who have taken Stenabolic have found that it is extremely helpful in particular niche areas of interest, primarily in boosting endurance and stamina as well as for fat loss.

Because Stenabolic is only used for research purposes and has not been approved for use in people, it is not officially manufactured and may only be purchased from businesses that market it as a research chemical.

According to the researcher who developed Stenabolic, this substance may have little to no bioavailability in humans when taken orally since it does not enter the bloodstream.

However, those who use the substance to enhance performance frequently report a high rate of bioavailability, suggesting that official sources may have downplayed the genuine effectiveness and positive benefits of stenabolic in order to discourage use. Despite the fact that there hasn't been any formal scientific research on the effects of this substance on humans, many people are utilising it with excellent outcomes.

Despite this and the many unanswered questions about Stenabolic's overall effects, WADA continues to designate it as a restricted substance due to its capacity to enhance performance.

SR9009 Advantages

According to laboratory tests, SR-9009 increased oxygen consumption, the production of muscle mitochondria, and the usage of glucose by muscles while reducing the creation of liver fat cells and body fat storage. Studies on rats revealed fat loss over a 7-day timeframe, demonstrating how swiftly this substance functions.

Your body uses energy resources more effectively thanks to stenabolic, thus your athletic performance is significantly better than usual. According to studies, stenabolic can increase resting metabolic rate, causing you to retain less fat and burn more of it.

The main impact of Stenabolic, endurance and stamina, was demonstrated by laboratory tests on mice, which revealed a notable improvement in endurance capacity. This makes it advantageous for aerobic exercisers and endurance athletes like runners, swimmers, and bikers. However, those looking to improve their ability to lift weights can also benefit.

Fat Loss - Studies on mice also demonstrated that SR9009 can help people lose weight by improving metabolism and making better utilisation of stored fat. Stenabolic may increase mitochondrial cells by a complicated series of physiological mechanisms, especially in fat cells, the liver, and skeletal muscle. This movement can aid in the process of using fat as an energy source, which will only cause you to burn through more fat faster while maintaining your muscle mass.

Lean muscle mass increase - SR9009 may hasten the development of lean muscle. Due to its beneficial supporting properties, it can be stacked with strong muscle-building chemicals. When taken with a substance like Cardarine (GW501516), stenabolic can help you keep the muscle you already have, especially if you're trying to lose weight by eating fewer calories than you burn.

Recovery - Stenabolic can lessen tissue damage and inflammation, which aids in your recovery after strenuous activity. The effects of SR-9009 on sleep are also significant since they affect how quickly and effectively our bodies recover from exercise and prepare us for our next activity.

Inflammation - Stenabolic may be able to lessen the body's response to inflammation, improving recuperation and lowering the chance of injury.

If the results seen in mice can be applied to humans, cholesterol-lowering stenabolic may lower cholesterol. Contrary to most anabolic steroids, which will have a serious negative effect on cholesterol levels, it has been hailed as being especially advantageous for people who already have high cholesterol.

Mental - By enhancing the circadian rhythm, Stenabolic may enhance the quality of your sleep and assist you in staying more alert and concentrated throughout the day. This increases your overall mental health and vigour, putting you in the correct frame of mind for your workouts and possibly lowering the mental exhaustion that can lower the intensity of your workouts and impair your results.

Stenabolic is beneficial for both its mental and physical effects, which will ultimately aid to increase your capacity for exercise and keep you focused. The main advantages of SR-9009 include improved sleep, weight loss, and greater endurance. Other advantages of this substance include fat reduction and muscle retention during cutting.

Dosage for SR9009

There is no universally accepted dosage for this substance to improve performance, and most users will experiment with their own amounts and cycles.

Given that stenabolic has a very short half-life of only about 4 hours, timing your intake to coincide with the time you need the benefits to start working will be important. Typically, this will be approximately 2 hours before you begin a workout, when stenabolic activity in the body will be at its peak.

Most people would wish to quadruple that quantity, but a dosage of under 20 mg is suitable for just about everyone, and positive results can even be shown at just 5 mg. This substance is appropriate for stacking with steroids or other SARMs.

Stenabolic has an approximate four-hour half-life, so keep that in mind when deciding on your dosage. Because it not only begins to function rapidly but also leaves the system quickly, it is necessary to divide the dosage into two or more daily doses in order to maintain the ideal amount of this molecule in the body.

However, for some individuals, a single daily dose may be sufficient to achieve your objectives, including enhancing and maintaining attention during an upcoming activity. It is better to take your daily dose in this situation an hour or so before working out.

The option of splitting the dose into two or three doses throughout the day is likely to be chosen by those who want Stenabolic's benefits to last longer than a single session. Greater advantages for quality sleep and sustained mental focus can result from this.

The majority of people will benefit from splitting the dose to maintain the effects at their highest, therefore be sure to take both the physical and mental impacts of SR9009 into account while making this choice.

Stenabolic 50mg per day is the absolute highest dose that is deemed safe. That kind of dosage will be excessive for the majority of users, and many people have positive effects with as low as 5mg per day, which is a decent starting point for novice users. You may then assess the effects of SR 9009 and change the dosage as necessary.

The average dosage for consumers is roughly 30 mg per day; by dividing this into three doses of 10 mg each, you can maintain appropriate levels of stenabolic and lessen the chance that you'll experience sleeping problems. When it comes to increasing your quality of rest, recovery, and sleep, higher doses of stenabolic may have the unintended side effect of causing insomnia.

Cycles SR9009

There is no official scientific data on how long Stenabolic should be used for optimum outcomes or what the best other compounds to stack it with, therefore finding the best cycles for Stenabolic depends entirely on people testing and sharing their experiences.

Many people have learned by trial and error, but enough have done so to have a strong understanding of how to use stenabolic to get the most out of a cycle.

It is still a good idea to experiment with your own individual dosages and cycle durations, but you should be careful not to exceed the highest dose advised or to extend your cycles for lengthy periods of time because the effects of longer-term usage of the substance have not yet been established.

As long as an appropriate break is made after the cycle of a similar duration, raising this to 12 weeks is more than conceivable and is not known to increase the risk of side effects. An 8 week cycle is thought to be the best length to reap benefits while reducing any unfavourable risks.

To get you started using SR9009, consider the following sample cycles:

Only SR9009 cycles

A Stenabolic-only cycle provides a solid introduction to the specific effects of this substance, and from there you may decide what other compounds to stack it with in the future to achieve your personal objectives. A SR-9009 cycle should last at least eight weeks, but it can last up to twelve. Start with 5 or 10 mg per day, and if preferred, raise this to a maximum of 30 mg per day.

Cycle SR9009 for endurance

Since increasing endurance is one of SR-9009's key advantages, athletes who wish to be able to push themselves harder and for longer will find it most appealing, whether they are runners or bodybuilders. A potent endurance stack consists of 10mg to 50mg of stenabolic and 10mg of Ligandrol every day.

Ligandrol increases the potential to develop muscle while enhancing strength and recovery. Cardarine is another substance that significantly affects endurance; stacking just 10–20 mg of it daily with Stenabolic can result in a noticeable performance increase. The duration of each of these stacked endurance cycles can range from 8 to 12 weeks, with a break of the same duration coming after.

Cutting cycle SR9009

Fast fat burning is made possible with the help of Cardarine and Stenabolic, while existing muscle is protected because Cardarine prevents muscle from being used as fuel.

The combination of Stenabolic and Cardarine is ideal for cutting since it will increase your attention and endurance while also immediately promoting fat burning and encouraging the use of stored fat as energy. Over optimal results, take Cardarine at a dose of 10–20 mg once day and SR9009 at a dose of 20–30 mg twice or three times daily for an 8-week cycle. Neither of these substances will call for PCT.

Post-Cycle Therapy, SR9009

Because stenabolic has no effect on testosterone, it won't at all lower your levels of this hormone. This implies that you simply stop taking Stenabolic at the conclusion of your cycle, and it is then advised that you take a vacation for at least 6 weeks to give your body time to heal.

However, post cycle therapy must be carried out in accordance with the optimal protocol as it relates to those drugs if your cycle includes any steroids, SARMs, or other substances that do cause some testosterone suppression.

Other SARMs vs Steroids versus SR9009

SR-9009 is not an anabolic steroid or a SARM. Although it possesses advantageous effects that can make it suitable for stacking with other compounds, it is generally thought to be less potent than the majority of substances in both those categories.

There is no testosterone suppression since stenabolics do not affect hormones the way steroid cycles do. This means that unless you stack Stenabolic with suppressive drugs, PCT is not necessary afterward. Additionally, SR-9009 won't create any of the negative consequences that steroids do. In comparison, Stenabolic is a simple substance that may be used by users of any anabolic steroid.

SARMs differ from Stenabolic in that they focus on particular androgen receptors, whilst SR-9009 does not. Although this is again irrelevant when using Stenabolic, some SARMs can have modest side effects that resemble those of steroids. For those who are just starting to use performance-enhancing drugs and may be concerned about the side effects of steroids and some of the more potent SARMs, this can make SR-9009 an appealing first alternative.

However, SR 9009 does share with all SARMs and anabolic steroids the fact that it is outlawed in professional sports and by international anti-doping agencies.

SR9009 Output

One of the rare substances, stenabolic, offers a variety of advantages in addition to its primary physical effects. However, SR9009 is no slouch when it comes to your physical results.

You can anticipate to experience quality fat burning as a result of an improved metabolic rate and a discernible improvement in your endurance. These changes will fuel your workouts and other physical activity, causing you to naturally burn more calories and more fat as a result.

Stenabolic is frequently used for fat loss, and users can anticipate spectacular results if they follow a healthy diet and continue doing intense activity throughout the cycle.

The loss of muscle mass becomes a major problem during a stenabolic cycle because you're probably going to be eating less calories while attempting to burn fat. If you combine stenabolic with other bulking substances in a stack and include weight training in your workouts, it may help keep muscle while fat is being burned. It may also help you grow muscle.

Side Effects of SR9009

The official word on stenabolic side effects is simply unknown because the data does not exist in the absence of studies or human clinical trials. The good news is that when people use this substance at modest doses for limited times, the risk of side effects is small, according to personal experience. However, athletes who have used Stenabolic have become the main communicators for any side effects.

That doesn't mean that Stenabolic won't have side effects for you specifically, but it won't have the same negative effects as anabolic steroids do.

As of right now, there have been no reports of liver injury in Stenabolic users. As with any substance, the key to protecting the liver is to avoid large doses, as well as to keep usage to a manageable cycle length and take breaks between cycles to let the body rest.

Insomnia is a peculiar adverse effect that some individuals have reported. Given the influence of stenabolic on the circadian rhythm of the body, which controls sleep, it may come as a surprise that this effect can go in the opposite direction of what is intended.

However, if a person takes too much stenabolic, it's possible for the body to become overreactive, which can have a bad affect on the quality of their sleep and have a domino effect on their performance and recovery. The best method to avoid this adverse effect is to decrease your dosage, however you should keep in mind that a very small percentage of SR-9009 users have really experienced it.

The problems that any steroid user is likely to be familiar with, such as the suppression of testosterone, androgenic side effects like hair loss or acne, or estrogenic side effects like water retention, are not issues with stenabolic. Since the substance has no hormonal effects, it has no effect on either testosterone or oestrogen. Unless you stack Stenabolic with a steroid or another substance that does influence these hormones, you won't need to take any PCT medications or oestrogen blockers afterward.

Both male and female users of Stenabolic can use it safely without worrying about adverse effects because neither gender need worry about the development of any masculine traits.

How safe is stenabolic?

With breaks in between cycles, stenabol is usually regarded as being highly safe to take in low to moderate doses. There are no known major short-term adverse effects, nor are there any known serious long-term problems. Although SR 9009 has not been studied on humans and is not licenced for human use, there have been no known reports of any alarming side effects from persons utilising this potent substance for performance enhancement.

What's the purpose of SR9009?

Stenabolics are typically used to increase endurance and improve sleep quality, which can help with recuperation. As it increases the utilisation of stored fat as energy, it is also helpful in the process of burning fat, but it works best when paired with substances that burn fat more effectively, such as cardarine. It's probable that SR9009 will also help with inflammation and cholesterol.

What dosage of Stenabolic should I use?

Doses can be as low as 5mg per day and as high as 50mg per day. The typical dosage remains in the centre of this range, at 20 to 30 mg daily, as the majority of people will never perceive the need to take such a high quantity. It is advisable to administer the medication at these levels twice or three times each day.

Stenabolic SR9009: What is It?

Since stenabolic is a REV-ERB agonist, it is not a SARM or a steroid but rather a separate kind of substance. It is a research substance that was only created through testing, but athletes became interested in it because of findings from experiments on mice that shown a significant improvement in endurance and weight loss.

Stenabolic: Does PCT apply?

Since Stenabolic has no impact on testosterone or other hormones, there is no need for PCT when using it. Post-cycle therapy will not be necessary if you use Stenabolic alone, but you will need to do it if you stack it with any other substance that suppresses testosterone.

SR-9009: Is it a SARM?

Even though stenabolic is frequently associated with SARMs and called one by individuals who sell these substances, it is not a SARM. Since it perfectly complements other substances like those that are frequently used for bulking, cutting, and enhancing endurance and performance, it is frequently stacked with true SARMs in cycles.

Stenabolic is officially a Rev-Erb agonist rather than a SARM, however most sellers that sell it still like to advertise it as such.

Since studies have shown that this chemical can actually greatly boost endurance and make fat burning more efficient, endurance athletes will be more interested in it than bodybuilders. One group that would benefit from Stenabolic's benefits is distance runners.


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